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Hi, I am Anurah Farrell,

I first decide to start the brand when I was 18 years old back in 2009
and incorporated the company in 2010.

The project that I first came up with would help improve the efficiency in
the reuse and recycling industry when collecting waste. I spent my Uni
loan to start this project and worked various jobs to pay for the
patent. I then approached The Prince's Trust for help with my idea who
gave me support but as I found it difficult to find funding. I decided I
would join The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy in 2013, as I saw
there would be opportunities to network and pitch for funding and receive mentorship.
It was also coming to the end of the time I had been allocated
to apply for invest from the Prince's Trust.

On the course I change the name of the business to Washroom
Innovations so I could leave the brand pharrell's open to new ideas.

When I was on the enterprise course I was given a grant of £100 to take
part in the Vin² Enterprise Festival. This allowed me to get my 1st
garments designed by partnering with a graphic designer in the US. I
got to experiement with my ideas to create my own clothing brand alongside 
working on a project to develop my own invention for the waste and
recycling industry at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy.
Peter Jones with Founder Anurah Farrell
During my time at the academy I was nominated for 11 awards and
received press attention whilst studying at the Peter Jones Enterprise
Academy. I also reached the finals of the Peter Jones National
Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 award where I pitch to Peter Jones CBE
himself at his head office.

I didn't manage to get funding at this time and when they course
finished I was wondering what I would do next. After about three
months I was contacted by the Berkely Group to speak at their 2 Million
Pound Innovation Fund Launch. There I met my first two business
partners, one who also gave me a job as a labourer on a construction site in

I then realised how long the Research and Development process was and 
I decided I wanted to start of my own brand under pharrell's as I wanted something I could actively be involved in.  
After finishing the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy course I was invited to
be a part of Richard Brands Virgin Media Voom Campaign where my friend
and I asked the public to vote and donate funds to my campaign and
I also applied for a second to be a part on the Enterprise Program
with the Princes Trust for my clothing brand.

This took place in busy shopping centres and events that were held
over the week. The camping lasted for 2 months and it was one of the
most exhausting things I have every done. Even though I didn't win the
Virgin Media Voom campaign, I managed to get a significant amount
of votes and funds raised and was honoured to be invited to

After this I then bumped into the owner of Petit Miracle Hub at a
lunch break in West 12 Centre in Shepherds-bush where I could further
test my product and idea which has been successful. I was able to
generate sales and interest proving the Prince's Trust that I had a
viable business.

My idea for my clothing brand has now turned into a Prince's Trust
supported business.
Their guidance and support over the last 12 month has been invaluable, covering the process of testing my product idea, assistance in revising my business plan
and receiving on going mentorship.

I did all of this while I whilst being in temporary accommodation and
ending up being homeless for for a couple months from 216 - 2017. I have now somewhat sorted out  my housing and I am currently in
temporary accommodation.

Starting this business has provided me a lot of opportunities although it is not easy being a one man band and I appreciate all the support I